Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I can't write; I'M READING! Part II: Guilt doesn't work

Just a quick update.

I thought that by going public about how far behind I am on writing book reviews (see post April 9th), I would guilt myself into knocking them out.

Yeah. That was a fail, but in happier news, I've read three more books since then . . . to assuage my guilt, of course. Thoroughly enjoyed:
 5 out of 5 stars - life after death story. Ending could be frustrating for those who need clear answers and conclusions, but I loved it. Can stand alone or easily be made into a series. Great characters.

5 out of 5 stars - another life after death story, but COMPLETELY unique concepts. Cool world-building and definitely leaves readers hankering for the next book in the series.
4 out of 5 stars -- Awesome building of parallel worlds and ending promises book 2 will ramp up the action. Can't wait!
As always, I'm open to discussing and/or answering questions about any of the books I've read, so let me know if there's a title about which you simply must know my feelings. That would get me cranking again. Yep. That would do it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Can't Write; I'm READING

Oh dear, oh dear.

I have broken my rule of not starting a new book until I've written-up the review of the one just finished. Umm. . .  I think I have broken this rule eight, er, eighteen -- wait -- twenty-eight times in a row now.  Oops. So my TBR pile isn't "To Be Read;" it's "To Be Reviewed." Yikes.

I'm trying to shame myself into getting my reviews done, so here are book covers of the books for which I need to write reviews. (*NOTE: in all honesty, I'm not promising these will get reviews more than the blurbs already posted on Goodreads. EXCEPTIONS: The Sound and the Echoes, which is gonna be my break-out post and contest, and Thirteen Therapists, which I promised dear Mr. Sanders I would review. Both good ones!)

My TBRs:

YA Fiction books. . . (Double-Fine should really go in my next grouping. Dang.)
Oh, and a bunch of graphic and illustrated novels . . .

And not to forget the children's picture books I've been reading in preparation for my upcoming gig at an elementary school library. . . 
Seriously. How do readaholics like myself also successfully blog? I know it's done, and it's done well all the time, as my Twitter and Facebook follows and feeds will attest.  Do these bloggers sleep? Do they have schedules and flowcharts mapping out their reading and reviewing? And HOW IN THE WORLD do they all manage to have Book Hops, Book Tours, and GIVEAWAYS!! GIVEAWAYS!! And more GIVEAWAYS!!??

Siiigh.  I need an Obi Wan Keblogster to teach me the ways of the Force.  Anyone? :-)