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In Honor's Defense ~ Lone Star Book Blog Tours Spotlight & Giveaway!


Hanger's Horsemen, #3

Fiction / Christian / Historical / Inspirational
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Date of Publication: June 7, 2022
Number of Pages: 384 pages 

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He's Faced Countless Perils on the Battlefield, but Nothing so Dangerous as Falling in Love.

Luke Davenport has been fighting all his life--for respect, for country, and for those unable to fight for themselves. But now that his Horsemen brothers are domesticated, he's left alone to battle the wildness within. When an opportunity arises to take a job on his own, tracking down a group of rustlers, he jumps at the chance.

Damaris Baxter has mastered the art of invisibility. Plain and quiet, she hides in books and needlework, content to be overlooked. Until her brother dies suddenly, leaving her custody of her nephew. She moves to Texas to care for Nathaniel, determined to create the family for herself that she never thought she'd have and to give him the family he desperately needs.

When Nate finds himself knee-deep in trouble, Luke's attempt to protect him leaves Damaris feeling indebted to the Horseman. But suspicions grow regarding the mysterious death of Damaris's brother. And the more questions they ask, the more danger appears, threatening the family Luke may be unable to live without.

Voted #1 Reader's Favorite Christian Romance Author of 2019 by Family Fiction Magazine, bestselling author Karen Witemeyer offers warmhearted historical romance with a flair for humor, feisty heroines, and swoon-worthy Texas heroes. She makes her home in Abilene, Texas, with her husband and three children.


All three books in the HANGER’S HORSEMEN SERIES
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Hey Charlie, You're Next ~ Book Blog Tour Author Guest Post & Giveaway!

 Book Details:

Hey Charlie, You're Next!  
by Michael B. Judkins

Genre: Fiction
CategoriesChildren's Picture Book (Ages 3-7)
Publisher: Oct14 Entertainment 
Publication Date: August 2020
Pages:  30 pages
Content Rating: G: No bad language or explicit content  


Book Description:

Charlie finds himself in the midst of bullying on basketball day at school and is unsure of how to speak up for himself. With a little bit of advice from his teacher and some hope, there is nothing that can tear him down.

Hey Charlie, You're Next offers readers a compelling story about overcoming negativity and gaining self confidence. It is the first book in the Hey Charlie series by Michael Judkins. Stay tuned for the next books!

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Guest Post: 

My Journey with Writing & Storytelling

by Michael B. Judkins

I started just writing in class one day in high school. My writing didn't progress until I  realized something to write about. If anything, I consider myself a narrative writer or abstract. I intend to develop a character into many moving parts which transfer into the story I envision in my head. I tend to think too much, write notes, and create something from there. Sometimes I sit at the computer and start writing.

My path to writing is to be bold with the ideas and characters. Most of the time, I’m writing from a place of emotions and feelings which can turn into sad writing time. If I take that part of the writing and bring a sense of hope, it changes my feelings as a writer during the process -- ultimately, creating my vision.

Storytelling is a way to be expressive, self-explanatory, bold, and courageous. At the same time, you have to inform, educate, and nurture the audience.


Meet the Author:
Michael B. Judkins, is a local creative residing in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. He holds an Associate in Science in Journalism, Bachelor of Science in Human Services, and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, with over 20 years in the field of human services.

Michael self-published his first poetry collection titled, Introduction to Sentimental Me. After the release of this collection, Michael was signed to Aois 21 Media publishing house which published his second poetry collection, Interlude to Sentimental Me. Additionally, Michael did the “I Stand- Podcast” and Interlude to Sentimental Book Tour (Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C, Bethlehem Pa, and Allentown, PA) which also included a virtual book blog tour.

During this time, Michael started his independent film career in 2016, as a script supervisor on a short film produced in the Lehigh Valley area of PA. This project opened the door for Michael in the local film industry in the Lehigh Valley. After this, Michael worked on several film projects throughout the next few years as production manager, production assistant, Key Grip, and Producer. Michael also has written, produced, and directed his first stage play titled, “Interlude to Sentimental Me Stage Play.”

connect with the author: website ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ youtubegoodreads
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HEY, CHARLIE, YOU'RE NEXT Book Tour Giveaway


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The Mischief Series ~ Lone Star Book Blog Tours Book Trailer, Excerpts, & Giveaway!

Mischief in the Mushroom Patch
A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch
Spider Web Scramble
Stranger in the Mushroom Patch

Chapter Book / Fantasy / Action & Adventure / 2ND-4TH Grade
Publisher: Progressive Rising Phoenix Press
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Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, 2/2013, 146 pgs

Where do fairies get their magical fairy dust? After leaving the mushroom patch without permission, two mischievous fairies find themselves in more trouble than they can handle. Boris, with a broken ankle and a bent wing, is unable to walk or fly, and Lilly must devise a plan to escort him safely back to the mushroom patch. As with all actions, there are consequences! Lilly and Boris have broken colony rules and wasted precious fairy dust. Sentenced to work in the dust factory, the two learn a valuable lesson about the production of fairy dust, but can they survive the foreman?  

Lilly knelt down in the middle of the daisy patch and carefully placed the basket beside her. She ran her hand over the daisies as she wondered which one to pick. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the perfect one. Gently she snapped the stalk and laid the beautiful daisy carefully in her basket. Lost in her thoughts, she was not prepared for what happened next. It started with a very unusual sound, and it sounded as if it were headed directly toward her. 

Ahhhhh, Ohhhhh, Awwwww. 

Lilly stopped gathering daisies, jumped up and stared into the treetops. Branches were snapping like twigs and leaves were scattering everywhere. 

“What on Earth is that?” she asked herself, puzzled. “I could have sworn in the midst of all the ruckus I heard a cry.” 

Ahhhhh, Awwwww, Ohhhhhh

There it was again, only this time the sound was clear. It was a scream. Someone or something was definitely in major distress. 

Lilly continued to follow the sound. It was without question getting closer. She glanced around and decided it was in her best interest to hide or at the very least get out of the way. Just as she jumped behind a large oak tree she heard yet another cry; this one, unlike the others, was recognizable. 

“Oh no, this is going to hurt,” a voice said echoing through the treetops, and a body tumbled in the midst of scattering leaves and broken branches toward the forest floor. 

The voice was closer than ever and Lilly was scared. 

“Oh no!” she screamed. “It’s coming.” 

She clung to the trunk of the large oak that she was hiding behind and waited for the inevitable, for the thing to land. She closed her eyes, hoping against hope that this thing wouldn’t actually land on her. One last piercing scream filled the air. Whatever this thing was, it hit the ground extremely hard, tumbling for several feet and landing smack in the middle of a large pile of debris—dried leaves, broken branches, and, of all things, a huge pile of nettles. 

Barely daring to breathe, Lilly opened one eye. Her heart was pounding louder than ever, so hard that she thought it might actually jump out of her chest. Too afraid to move, she waited to see what would happen next. 

A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch, 2/2013, 162 pgs
Lilly, Boris, and Jack are back! The three friends are together again in this newest addition to the Mischief Series. A natural disaster has taken the elders by surprise, and the scientists are unprepared. Damage to the colony is inevitable! Can the Master Engineers devise a plan to save the colony before they lose their home? The fairies' Kick-a-Berry Match has been postponed as well, and the fairies must find new ways to entertain themselves until the pitch dries up. Along the way, they make a new friend named Pearle, and though she cannot walk, she can fly with ease. Valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and perseverance will be learned as the fairies embark on their newest adventure.


The silver bell above the dorm monitor’s station rang gently; it was time to start the day. Madame Louise walked between the beds and opened the curtains of every tiny window. The sunlight poured into the room. Leaning down, she whispered softly to each beautiful, sleeping little fairy.

“Good Morning precious little fairling, time to wake up,” she said stroking the hair from the face of each little fairy before moving to the next bed. She leaned over and whispered into Lilly’s ear, “Time to wake up, little fairling, good morning sleepy, beautiful fairy, time to wake up.”

Lilly stirred, but she didn’t quite wake up. She thought she heard Madame Louise’s gentle voice, but she was sleeping so soundly that she was sure she was dreaming. She nestled deep under her sheets and made no attempt to get out of the bed. She was having a fabulous dream and wasn’t quite ready to wake up. Madame Louise slowly pulled back Lilly’s sheets and stroked Lilly’s golden curls away from her face. She stared at Lilly for a moment and smiled. Gently, she tickled her tummy, whispering as she did so.

“Lilly dear, it really is time to get up . . . you shall miss breakfast if you don’t,” she said with a giggle. “Breakfast, Lilly, fairy crumpets with hot butter and a lovely cup of rose hip tea. It’s your favorite, Lilly,” Madame Louise giggled. 

Rosie, Ivy, and Pearle had gathered around the foot of Lilly’s bed; they were tickling her toes and whispering her name. Lilly finally sat up and glanced at Madame Louise, who was motioning toward her. Lilly knew it was time – time for their hug. Madame Louise grabbed all four little fairies, pulled them close, and gave them a little hug to start the day. She did it every morning to each and every one. Lilly jumped out of bed and glanced at Pearle.

“May I, Pearle,” she whined. “Please?”

Pearle nodded and tapped her lap. “Of course,” she giggled,

“come on!”

Lilly jumped straight from the bed into little Pearle’s lap.

“Could you please take me to the bathing room? I have misplaced my slippers and my toes are freezing,” Lilly said as she pointed to her tiny feet.

Pearle’s face lit up. There was nothing she loved more than giving the girls a ride on her lap. Pearle’s Chariot, the fairlings called it. Although Pearle used it daily, there was no slowing her down; she was incredibly fast in the chair that the elders had designed specifically for her. Often going too fast, especially around corners when playing her favorite game, make a fairling green! Spinning as fast as she could around and around on her back two wheels, trying to make the fairies sick. She could almost always make Boris sick and sometimes even Jack. Lilly, often turned grey, though not quite green, and Ivy and Rosie, well they were pros just like Pearle.


Spider Web Scramble, 2/2016, 170 pgs
Every third year, on the fifth full moon, the Mushroom Patch holds a magical Spider Web Scramble. Excitement buzzes through the forest as the fairies prepare to scramble the magical webs in order to complete the course. As a special treat, the elders disclose that the stars will be coming down to join in and play. A wish will be granted for the fairies who are pure of heart and manage to beat the clock, locating the star that has their name etched on it. With the no-fly rule in place, teamwork is the only way Pearle can complete the course. But little do they know that possible danger is in their midst. Will the magical spider web scramble be postponed? Will the stars grant Lilly, Boris, and Jack their wishes? Find out in this delightful magical adventure. 

Stranger in the Mushroom Patch, 2/15/22, 212 pages
Gold Recipient of The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA)
Lilly, Boris, and Jack Are Back! Get Ready for a Human Attack!
Who knew a slimy moss bomb war between friends would lead to an adventure of a lifetime! From strategizing with the elders for their playful battle to, of all things, escaping the clutches of a human! It doesn't take long to learn the fairies shockingly have more in common with the child than they ever could have imagined. Broderick, everyone's favorite spider, provides the goodies, and Lilly supplies the fairy songs and games. Filled with twists and turns, adventure, and fun, find out if the fairies and the elders can help the stranger reunite with her family. Or will there be a human attack?!
Amanda M. Thrasher was born in England, moved to Texas, and resides there still. She’s an award-winning author of Young Adult, General Fiction, Middle Grade, Early Reader Chapter, and Picture Books. Amanda is a multiple Gold Recipient of The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA), earning the award in multiple categories, including Young Adult, General Fiction, and Early Reader Chapter Books. She is also a multiple Gold Medal winner of the Readers’ Favorite International Book awards, a New Apple Literary Award, and has earned a first-place North Texas Book Festival award. 

Amanda founded and is the CEO of Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, an independent publishing company. She shares her writing and publishing experience with others through school visits, book signings, trade conferences, and workshops for aspiring writers of all ages. 

In addition, Amanda was contracted to write a graphic novel for the Driving on the Right Side of the Road Program. The publication is part of the Driving on the Right Side of the Road (DRSR) program, developed by the Law-Related Education Department of the State Bar of Texas Law Focused Education, Inc., and the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center with funding from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Texas Department of Transportation. The program’s purpose is to offer a preventive educational program to encourage responsible decision-making when it comes to obeying traffic laws and following safe practices. The graphic novel titled What If … A Story of Shattered Lives was adapted into a reader’s theater for as few as five speakers or as many as twenty-six. 


Signed copies of the Mischief books, Captain Fin
+ $50 Starbucks Gift Card
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Deadly Keepsakes ~ Lone Star Book Blog Tours Pre-Order Blitz & Giveaway!

A Tori Winters Mystery


Publisher: Mystic Circle Books
Coming July 10, 2022
Number of Pages: 360 pages
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The past becomes the future. Secrets that can kill!
After someone tries to kill her, Tori Winters is on the run. Looking for a place to hide, a mysterious phone call about a vague inheritance seems to be the answer. After all, who would think of looking for her in Granbury, a small quaint Texas town. Instead, her life is about to spin into an existence where nothing is as it seems. The historic house she inherits has secrets. Ones she's been warned can kill. A stranger in a strange town, who can she trust? There is the kindly lawyer and his son, or the disinherited step-grandson. What secrets do they hide? Tori's newfound fortune may not be a blessing. It could become her death warrant.
Award-winning Author Anita Dickason is a twenty-two-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. She served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics detective, advanced accident investigator, tactical officer, and first female sniper on the Dallas SWAT team. 
Anita writes about what she knows, cops and crime. Her police background provides an unending source of inspiration for her plots and characters. Many incidents and characters portrayed in her books are based on personal experience. For her, the characters are the fun part of writing as she never knows where they will take her. There is always something out of the ordinary in her stories. 
In Anita’s debut novel, Sentinels of the Night, she created an elite FBI Unit, the Trackers. Since then, she has added three more Tracker crime thrillers, Going Gone!, A u 7 9, and Operation Navajo, which are not a series and can be read in any order, and Deadly Business, a crime thriller. 
As a Texas author, many of Anita’s books are based in Texas, or there is a link to Texas. When she stepped outside of the Tracker novels and wrote, Not Dead, she selected Meridian, a small community in central Texas for the location.


Receive Deadly Keepsakes tote bags
(US only; ends midnight, CDT, 6/23/2022)