Monday, November 27, 2023

The Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles ~ Lone Star Book Blog Tours Series Spotlight & Giveaway!


Seasons 1 & 2
The Underground Authors

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"What is a multi-author crime novel series?” 

The various authors posed this question to CW Hawes when he proposed the idea to his fellow Underground Authors.

Underground Authors initially collaborated on a short story anthology using a picture of a boat as the focal point for individual tales. CW had the vision to take the multiple perspectives of a single focus to the next level. A multi-author cozy mystery series occurred when this group of authors decided to write a series of novels about a small town in Texas. In the case of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles, the creatives built a fictional town, the beautiful little Texas Hill Country town of Magnolia Bluff, where each of the books throughout the series would be set. Each book is a standalone reading experience.

Each author writes in their preferred sub-genre to allow readers to experience humor, dark dilemmas, suspense, romance, thrills, and spills — told through good storytelling that will keep readers awake past their bedtime, trying to find out whodunit. Each also establishes their characters and roles in the town, including a cafĂ© owner, newspaper editor, sheriff, and more. The people created by other authors may be used by subsequent authors' stories, but they cannot be killed.

Nine authors delivered nine different perspectives of the town in 2022 in their genres. The authors grew to twelve strong in season two of the 2023 cozy mysteries. Season three begins in January 2024. Stay tuned.

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Monday, November 13, 2023

The Oxygen Farmer ~ Lone Star Book Blog Tours Spotlight, Mini-Review, & Giveaway!


Colin Holmes

Science Fiction / Space Mystery
Publisher: CamCat Books
Date of Publication: December 5, 2023
Number of Pages: 338 pages 

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After 35 years of living on the Moon, cranky old oxygen farmer Millennium Harrison has stumbled onto a hidden facility in the shadows of the Slayton Ridge Exclusion Zone with a radiation leak and a deadly secret. Mil's discovery leads to the death of a young astronaut, sabotage, murder, and cover-ups that may go all the way to the Chief Administrator of the space agency. Unfortunately, she happens to be Mil's estranged daughter, busy trying to secure her own legacy—the first international mission to Mars.

With time ticking down to a limited launch window, enemies, friends, and even family may do anything to ensure the truth doesn't come out. Or will history finally catch up with a deadly scheme that has the potential to destroy the moon and eradicate all life on Earth? It seems the planet’s only hope is a cantankerous guy who never really liked those people in the first place.

“An action-packed thriller perfect for fans of Andy Weir and Jack McDevitt.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This space mystery is a page-turner rooted in its convincing and compelling protagonists and their well-written relationships . . . SF fans will enjoy this rich novel full of good world building, mysterious space intrigue, and dry humor.” —Booklist


HALL WAYS BLOG MINI-REVIEW: Audiobook review. I absolutely adored this audiobook. Top notch narrator who nailed voicing cantankerous and whose expressiveness perfectly complemented Colin Holmes's fabulous (and feasible) storytelling. 

Highly recommend for all kinds of readers - even those who don't think they like sci-fi. You'll like this spin. 

Before the pandemic, Colin Holmes toiled in a beige cubical as a mid-level marketing and advertising manager for an international electronics firm. A recovering advertising creative director, he spent far too long at ad agencies and freelancing as a hired gun in the war for capitalism.

As an adman, Holmes has written newspaper classifieds, TV commercials, radio spots, trade journal articles and tweets. His ads have sold cowboy boots and cheeseburgers, 72-ounce steaks, and hazardous waste site clean-up services. He’s encountered fascinating characters at every turn.

Now he writes novels, short stories and screenplays in an effort to stay out of the way and not drive his far-too-patient wife completely crazy. He is an honors graduate of the UCLA Writers Program, a former board member of the DFW Writers Workshop and serves on the steering committee of the DFW Writers Conference. He’s a fan of baseball, barbeque, fine automobiles and unpretentious scotch.


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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Courting Miss Emma ~ Lone Star Book Blog Tours Book Trailer, Notable Quotable, & Giveaway!


The Hangman’s Daughters, Book 2
Linda Broday

Western / Clean & Wholesome / Sweet Romance / Historical Fiction
Publisher: Severn House
Date of Publication: November 7, 2023
Number of Pages: 203 pages 

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Texas, 1868. Emma Taggart has finally found a place to belong – setting up Heaven's Door orphanage with her sister Maura was a new beginning for her – and one she will do anything to protect.

When guarded ex-army man Stone Landry buys the neighboring land and moves in - camels and all - Emma's world changes forever. He is an infuriating man who instantly gets under her skin - in ways she never dreamed possible, and despite herself, Emma starts to wonder if, just maybe, he is man enough to take on a Hangman's daughter . . . But their newfound connection is quickly tested by violent night raids, kidnappings, and underhand tricks by powerful rancher Zeke Parker, who is intent on running them out of town and taking the land he deems to be his. Can Emma find enough courage to trust in Stone to give her the life, the family, she's always dreamed of?

I'm a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of western romance novels and short stories. Watching TV westerns during my youth fed my love of cowboys and the old West and they still do. On a still day, I can often hear the voices of American Indians, Comancheros, and early cowboys whispering in the breeze here on the high West Texas plains. We refer to this land as “cowboy” country and men here still ride the range just as cowboys of old. My stories focus on family life and almost all have children.

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