Friday, September 30, 2011

Heist Society

very Hepburnish, don't you think?
Carter, A. (2010). Heist Society. NY: Disney/Hyperion.
LS5385: YA Lit/Adventure

Hmm. too much hair for thievery?

Japanese cover. I don't get it.
Heist Society Book Trailer

This was an entertaining book, but the main character, Kat, was just a little too cool for school. This probably would appeal to the teenager, but it's not plausible (fake passport or not) that a fifteen-year-old girl could galavant around the world as Kat does. She conveniently has a filthy rich friend, Hale, who is all of seventeen, who has a butler but no apparent parents, so I guess he funds everything from plane tickets to swanky suites and also conveniently has chateaux, country homes, and chalets to accommodate them on their adventures.  It also plays up the "my parents are too inept to fix their own problems" card, which again, the teenaged reader probably likes.  Sorry, if my kid ever had me arrested to "save me," they would be so grounded. Geesh.  I was a bit frustrated that the great mystery at the end (the identity of Visili Romani), but I really didn't care and I don't think I care to read any sequels to find out.  I think I'm too old to find real pleasure in a group of uber-talented kids using their gifts and skills to be thieves.

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