Friday, June 1, 2012


Meyer, M. (2012). Glitches: a original. Tor Books / MacMillan

For fans of Cinder, (that would include me!), this is a nice little prequel that gives some insight about how she came into her adopted family.  It also gives more information about her adoptive father and their short-lived relationship, which I enjoyed.  I wanted to learn enough to feel some sympathy for the adoptive mother, but it appears she was never an overly benevolent woman.  Guess it wouldn't be as much a Cinderella story without her being a witch.

The prequel is very short (20 pages?), very quick, but good background and probably should have just been a prologue in Cinder. On the other hand, nothing is given to us that is overly important.  No game changers, just interesting details.

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