Friday, November 9, 2012

Crossed (Match Trilogy, #2)

Condie, A. (2011). Crossed. NY: Dutton Books.
YA Lit/Dystopian, Sci Fi

I gave this 3 out of 5 Stars on Goodreads

This book felt like a placeholder because it is one as the middle book of the Matched trilogy. I'm glad that Reached (Matched #3), comes out next week so I can quickly determine if the middle book woes are quickly forgotten.

I did like that in this installment, the chapters altered between Cassia’s point of view and Ky’s point of view.  This was very helpful because Ky has a lot going on in his head that explain his actions.  If not for that, we might think he was a jerk or at a minimum, slightly off his rocker.  Xander is a character in absentia for the most part, but it’s clear that he’ll be coming back full throttle in the final book, Reached. One new and quite interesting character who is introduced is the wild and beautiful Indie.

The violence is ratcheted up a bit from Matched, but it only makes sense that it would be as this story takes place in war zones.  The book gave us a lot of background information about the formation of the Society and its original intentions, as well as a deeper look into Ky’s life.  Ky and Cassia are getting to know each other a bit, and they are both finding their own and the other’s imperfections. 

Condie does a good job of building a haze around most every character so that it’s difficult to tell who is trustworthy.  I am hoping that much of the disjointedness of characters and events will become more cohesive in the third book; hopefully these weren’t insignificant and while reading book 3, we’ll have that awesome “Aha Moment” when we’ll think ourselves so clever for remembering said insignificant detail from book 2. 

Having said all that (and my, didn’t I say it eloquently?), hoping that all the boring and disconnected stuff in this book matters in its sequel doesn’t make earn a 5 star review.  There is definitely potential for the story to kick into high gear and rock ‘n’ roll again, so I will definitely read the third book in the series.

My Clean-O-Meter rating for this book is 3.5 out of 5 (where a 5 is squeaky clean).  The violence factor is increased with lots of death – especially of children and teens, but there aren’t graphic descriptions of the actual deaths or the bodies. No vulgar language (perhaps a “d**n” or two), no sex but a fair amount of kissing which is not explained in more detail than lips being pressed together.  There is just a hint of innuendo that maybe just maybe more than kissing happens, but it’s a stretch.  And there is one situation that isn’t explained, so the reader could infer that two young people had a child together out of wedlock. 

View the book trailer - thanks Penguin!

And just a teaser for Reached, click here to see the trailer on

And if that's not enough, Ally Condie has released the first 45 pages of the book- I'm hooked!  Reached - Ally Condie - Penguin Group (USA)

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