Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have a blog backlog!

I have been so busy reading that I haven't gotten around to sharing all my feedback!  I will try to get to writing all these reviews soon, but if you MUST have my opinion before I post, just message me. Most of these books are coming out in 2013, so they were extra fun to read.  Here is the list of book reviews coming soon-- very soon!

The Iron King: Book 1 of the Iron Fey
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Defenders of the Lost Temple (graphic novel)
Star Wars Blood Ties Volume II: Boba Fett is Dead (graphic novel) 
Hoax Hunter Book One: Murder, Death, and the Devil (graphic novel)
The Last Days of an Immortal (graphic novel)
I Funny
Edge of Doom (graphic novel)

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