Monday, January 23, 2017

Chompy and the Munchy Bunch, Volumes 1 & 2

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What began as a way to keep her grandchildren entertained, has evolved into a series of exciting tales about Chompy, a carrot with superpower eyesight, and his pals . . . 

The Secret Formula: When Chompy learns about an ancient carrot formula that gives super-powered eyesight, he knows he must find it! But the journey leads Chompy and his pals to the mysterious mansion of Doc Peppa, where strange things begin to happen.
Search for the Hidden Treasure: A secret treasure is hidden deep inside the mysterious Peppa Mansion! Chompy, Salty, and Weiner set out to solve the mystery . . . but will Candybar shake up their plans? Will Chompy Juice be involved?

HALL WAYS REVIEW: These books are silly and fun with illustrations and characters children will love.  They are super quick to read, engaging, and each has a full plot line to enjoy.  These stories feel just like what they are -- a creative response to when a grandchild says, "Gramma, tell me a story!" 

Especially in book two, Search for the Hidden Treasure, author Nancy Beaule uses lots of figurative language. This not only enriches the story, but it would be a great way to teach even the very young about writing devices like similes and metaphors.  Book two also brings a new illustrator, but the changes are subtle and improved (I could tell Salty was a potato chip in this one, where I wasn't really sure what he was in The Secret Formula.) 

The writing is suitable for the intended audience, whether as a read-aloud for the youngest or independent reading for stronger readers. It is virtually error-free and cleanly edited. (The Grammar Policewoman in me doesn't like to see incorrect ellipses in both books, but I doubt any child reader will notice or care!)  I do find it peculiar that our main character, Chompy, who is a carrot, eats carrots and then even grows them to blend them into a juice (a cannibalistic carrot??). I would very much like to test run this book with a child and see if he/she finds this odd -- or perhaps just oddly entertaining!
Silliness abounds, and who can resist stories that include haunted houses, secret formulas, and practical jokes? I definitely recommend you check-out Chompy and friends with your kids. And be sure to visit the author's website to get a recipe for your kids to make their own Chompy Juice!   

Thank you to the author for providing me eBooks in exchange for my honest opinion -- the only kind I give.


Nancy's path toward becoming a children's book author was a bit different, having spent the last 30 years as an entrepreneur/inventor.  In 1996 she invented a product called the Pie Saver (foil rings that prevent pies from burning). Nancy loves creating, and that along with an interest in children's nutrition, led her to develop this series. The kids love the antics of Chompy and his pals, and parents appreciate the underlying nutritional message! Nancy has two children and three grandchildren and lives in Maine and Florida with her husband of 41 years.



  1. What perfect books to have on hand when you do get that request. I love silly and fun stories and I think my kids do too! Must be an inherited trait.

    1. Ha! I feel the same way. Get the eBooks free today & tomorrow!

  2. Great review. I passed this along to people with actual kids!