Friday, June 25, 2021

Darkness Hides ~ Book Blog Tour Review & Giveaway!

by J.C. Gatlin

Book Details:
Genre: Adult Fiction (18 + yrs),
Categories: Mystery / Suspense
Publisher: Milford House Press
Pages: 251 pages
Release date: April 2021
Content Rating: PG-13 (mild swearing)

Book Description:

Someone she knows is watching.
Someone she knows is stalking.
And something hides in the darkness.

With a Category 4 hurricane about to make landfall, boat safety instructor Kate Parks is running out of time. Bodies are piling up--and they're not from the raging storm. An injury may have ended her career as a Fish and Wildlife officer, but nothing can keep her away from the investigation.

And it doesn’t take long for her to see that the clues have one thing in common: a connection to the recent death of her five-year-old nephew.

In a brewing storm of rage, guilt, and family secrets, Kate fights to protect her grieving sister just as the hurricane threatens everything she knows and loves. But before her world is completely ravaged, she must uncover one final truth:

Run from the water.
Hide from the wind.
Flee from the shadows where a weeper seeks revenge.

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HALL WAYS REVIEW: For anyone who regularly reads my reviews, it'll come as no surprise that I wanted to read this book because of 1) the cover, and 2) the creepy premise. To elaborate on the latter: all the creepy business is happening in a town on the Gulf Coast as a Cat 4 hurricane is approaching. The hurricane, an ominous force inching ever closer throughout Darkness Hides, took that premise next level. There will be death and destruction: but will it be by Mother Nature's hand or a killer of the human kind?

Author JC Gatlin peppers Darkness Hides with a cast of quirky characters that will keep reader interest piqued. Main character Kate has a menagerie of rescue animals that nearly steal the show. Truly, the animals are almost the only characters I really like, and their antics provide wonderful comic relief when the tension runs high -- and oh, my! Does the tension run high! Whether it's the weather, the complex relationships, or the body count, readers will feel engulfed -- even alarmed -- as the story unfolds. When I had to step away from reading, the story stayed with me. I felt like I needed to DO something to help; the story blanketed me with unease and a real desire for resolution.  

Gatlin does a great job nailing mood, tone, and setting. No qualms there. Where the story fell short for me may not bother others. For this reader, I was asked too often to suspend my disbelief, and most of the characters weren't likable and made some unlikely decisions. Also, the book needs editing to fill those plot holes and eliminate the typos. Even so, reading Darkness Hides is a complete escape, which is always a good thing, and time between the covers is time well-spent. 

As the hurricane creeps towards making landfall, the action in Darkness Hides ratchets up with edge-of-your-seat suspense. It's here that the multiple sub-plots collide, and the detritus scatters. Author Gatlin pieces it all together with many loose ends tied up and an ending that puts readers at ease and feels hopeful. (Much appreciated because I was distressed!) 

Gatlin has written several other books (there's a free download of one on his website), and I'll be perusing those and hoping for audio versions -- Darkness Hides would be great to read with your ears!  I recommend Darkness Hides for readers looking for a quick-hit mystery that has all the elements of satisfying fiction. Don't miss it.


Meet the Author:

JC Gatlin lives in Tampa, Florida, and writes mystery novels that include sunny Florida locales and quirky locals as characters. His last novel, H_NGM_N: Murder is the Word, won the coveted Florida Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Mystery in 2019. He is active in the Florida Writer’s Association and is a board member on the Florida Writer’s Foundation, a charity organization that fights illiteracy.

connect with the author: website ~ facebook ~ linkedin ~ goodreads

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  1. It sounds like an interesting premise! Was it an ARC? Maybe the editing/typos were cleaned up in the final version? Because I can't read it if it's got enough typos to be a distraction. (I'm totally okay with suspending disbelief, though!)

  2. Thank you for reading my new mystery, Darkness Hides, and writing a review. I really appreciate it.