Thursday, December 15, 2022

The First State ~ Book Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway!

(The Judgment series Book 1)
by Tshekedi Wallace
GenreAdult Fiction (18+)
Publisher: Review Tales Publishing & Editing Services
Publication Date: August 18, 2022
Page Count237 pages
Content Rating: G 

Book Description:
England is run by the dictator and tyrant Gregory Christopher, in the year 2079, from London Metropolitan state. He is crushing the citizens' will by enforcing unfair laws using his statesmen, and he has used the police and his alpha hunters to put fear in the people’s hearts. 
Kofi Achebe and the urban fist revolution factions are fighting the evil head statesman and the men Christopher uses to inflict pain on those who go against him as he continues to rule over the masses. The battle between the state police, unified security services, and the urban fist militia starts to become brutal and gruesome as the mad leader slowly begins to tighten his grip. Christopher knows that he must keep the citizens in line so he can continue to rule. 
Slowly the despot leader begins to feel that his power is being challenged to the point where he must make the people suffer. Kofi and the urban fist militia leader Trevor Brown know that they must fight to break free of the statesmen’s evil regime and destroy the system they created once and for all. The final war in London Metropolitan becomes a fight to the death that will decide the fate of many citizens.
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Meet the Author:
Tshekedi Wallace is named after Tshekedi the Great, the King of the Bamangwato of Botswana. In keeping with his namesake, Tshekedi Wallace, who was born in Leeds, is a committed advocate for freedom due to his upbringing. He was born into a well-known family of struggle heroes who fought for the liberation of their people. He grew up listening to vigorous debates about politics, history, and issues of the day mostly discussed at the dinner table. This has given him an enduring love for history, literature, art, and politics. Although he likes to read books across all kinds of genres, he has a special love for science fiction, thrillers, poetry, and non-fiction. In his spare time, he avidly follows what’s happening in movies. He loves music from all cultures and is steeped in African culture in all its manifestations, particularly in the Caribbean and the Americas. In his spare time, he writes poetry.
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