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Meyer, S. (2005). Twilight. New York: Little Brown and Company.

LS5360: Required. Okay, I will admit, I am not Team Anything.  None of my five kids was interested in the whole Twilight phenomenon and neither was I, though 4 of the 7 of us did see the first movie and declared it to be the CHEESIEST movie ever.  Had to love it because I love cheese.  I actually had to borrow this book from the library. 

As I came close to mastering the one sentence explanations on my last post, you can’t stop this train from rolling now! Besides, it’s quick! 

Exposition: The setting is current, in Forks, Washington, where main character Blla Swan has just moved in with her dad, reunites with her childhood friend Jacob Black, and meets mysterious Edward Cullen. 

Conflict:  Bella finds out that Edward is one of the “untouchable” kids at school, which of course fascinates her, while at the same time, she and Edward end up having a lot of random (and not so random) run-ins; Jacob is not pleased.

Rising Action:
  Bella realizes Edward is a vampire, but they are in love and Edward is committed to protecting Bella from himself and other vampires; Jacob is still not pleased.

Climax:  James, a vengeful, bloodthirsty vampire sets his sights to kill Bella, but Edward’s family saves her and kills James.

Falling Action:
  Though Edward thinks he should leave Bella in order for her to be safe, Bella can’t bear it and they decide to stay together. 

Resolution:  The Cullens and Bella all return to Forks and Bella and Edward try to act like regular teens by going to the prom, (Jacob is jealous) but Bella has made it clear to Edward that she would belong to his world if that’s what he wants.

Literary Elements:  There is imagery, especially in describing the characteristics of the vampires, as well as some limited use of figurative language and understatement.  

For my thoughts about the whole series, click here Twilight Saga.

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