Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Numeroff, L.J. (1985). If you give a mouse a cookie. Illustrated by Felecia Bond. New York: A Laura Geringer Book.

LS5360: Bestseller

This is a delightful little “if/then” book and though I was annoyed by the umpteen copycat books afterwards, I certainly can’t blame the author/illustrator team for taking that cash cow to the bank!  I think the drawings are what make the book.  The cartoon art, painterly media (via colored pencil) illustrations are adorable – gotta love a cute little mouse in overalls – and there are plenty of details in every depiction, so that children slow down and study the pictures.  The colors are bright, and the actions shown make the young readers say “uh-oh – how is THAT going to turn out?”  It had been a long time since I’d pulled this one off the shelf, and I will admit I enjoyed it.

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