Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Help

Stockett, K. (2009). The Help. NY: Amy Einhorn Books.
Adult / YA Fiction / Historical Fiction

This was a fantastic book, and I just can't believe that this was the author's first effort! I hate to believe it, but I know it's an accurate depiction of life in Mississsippi in the early sixties.  Stockett did an incredible job really bringing the characters to life and giving them depth. The varied writing styles allowed me to really "hear" each of the main characters' voices, plus the format of rotating chapters between Skeeter, Minny, and Aibileen kept the story fresh and rolling along. Parts of it were so painful, parts so joyful, and parts were infuriating, and I was sorry the book ended.  I wondered what happened next in the lives of these three ladies, but I have a feeling they turned out very well. 

Not sure whether I'll see the movie; I've heard split reviews from friends who also read the book.

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  1. The movie was just as good as the book. Just imagine seeing the look on the biddy's face when she found out what was in the pie!!! It was priceless. Loresann