Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 11 of 2011

My choices. . . (okay, a few adult choices in there, but hey, I am an adult after all.)




It was definitely tough to come up with just eleven books for the year! This is not so much because I read so many wonderful books, but because I was again reading at all.  Work and life had separated me from my love of books, and once we were reunited, it seemed nothing I read was unworthy. (With one exception, and I still can't find any use for the book Jumped. Read it if you want to feel hopeless about this generation of kid. )  My dear friend has a term for people like me - people who love everything they read, just love it.  It's not a polite term, but it's apropos. You'll have to message me off-blog to find out that one. :-)  I did see a pattern in my favorites, and that is apparently I like books with illustrations. Guess I see where my son gets-it from after all.
All these books are featured on this blog site, so just search and find!

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