Sunday, March 4, 2012


Roth, V. (2011). Divergent. NY: Katherine Tegen Books.
YA Fiction / Dystopian
Click here to see the official Book Trailer, which doesn't do it justice!

WOW!  This is an awesome story!  Even after a week of barely any sleep, I had to stay up and finish this book last night.  Roth does a wonderful job of building-up: building-up tension, anxiety, curiosity - you name it.  The premise of the story is an interesting one, and though it's been done before, it's done differently and believably.

The future has us divided into factions, based on which of five virtues is predominant. You are born into the faction of your parents, but at sixteen, you are given an aptitude test that tells you to which faction you should belong. The results aren't always clear. . .and that's dangerous.

As is typical with society and books of this genre, forcing people into neat little boxes generally leads to unrest, which generally leads to rebellion and war.  Beatrice, the main character, is spunky and smart and admirable,  and stronger in her tiny frame than most anyone else in the book.  The supporting characters are well-developed (OOOH, I hate Peter) and Beatrice's relationships with them are equally well-defined (OOH, Beatrice hates Peter).

Guess we have a movie to look forward to, but I'm just happy we have another book in the series to look forward to coming out soon.
Can't get enough? Check out the excerpt from Roth's sequel, Insurgent. (below)

Insurgent Excerpt

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