Monday, July 16, 2012


Grant, M. (2008). Gone. NY: HarperTeen.
YA Fiction / Apocolyptic

First, I read this on my iPad, and looking at the cover afterwards, I wouldn't say the cover models match my image of Sam and Astrid.  Sam, maybe more than Astrid, but not by much! 

I really enjoyed this book and would have given it a 5 except I found the ending inadequate, even knowing there was a sequel.   It seemed to me that there was a bit of conflicting information and with all the build-up, the final scenes were a little disappointing.

I liked the characters in this story -- even the ones that weren't very likeable -- as they were richly developed.  I did find myself envisioning some Incredibles-like situations, which took away from the dire situations.  And I was disappointed that our lead heroine, Astrid, became such the damsel in distress with her fifteen-year-old hero boyfriend putting her on a shelf to keep her safe.  Please.

Otherwise, this is a great apocolyptic story and I will probably go ahead and read the next book in the series, Hunger, if I can find it for free!

Here's the trailer HarperTeen released before the book came out.  Enjoy!

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