Monday, July 23, 2012


Condie, A. (2010). Matched. NY: Dutton Juvenile.
YA Fiction / Dystopian

I liked this story, and at times was reminded of Brave New World and any number of other dystopian works, including The Hunger Games-like love triangle: Cassia=Catniss, Xander=Peeta, Ky=Gale. Even found myself visualizing them this way (well, the boys anyhow). I was disappointed, as I almost always am, that this is part of a series and can't really stand alone. The ending is more like the end of a chapter and a little odd that so many rule followers have thrown themselves into supporting some rebellion.

Having said that, I did pretty much read it straight through because it was plausible -- I could easily suspend my disbelief long enough to believe society could get to this point. I enjoyed the fleshing-out of the characters and want to know more -- especially about the parents and grandpa. (Maybe that's because i am old. . .) It definitely made me think about the state of our world and how risky it is too allow the government too much control in doing things "in the best interest" of its citizens. Who decides "best," after all?

Here's the book trailer from Penguin.  Doesn't quite do the book justice, me thinks, but gives an idea.

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