Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Adventures of Superhero Girl

Hicks, F.E. (2013). Adventures of Superhero Girl. NY: Dark Horse.
YA Comic / Humor

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars.

She's an ordinary young woman: she shrinks things in the laundry, she forgets to wear sunscreen, she is short on cash and needs a paying job, she's living in the shadow of her uber-successful older brother. Oh, and she can leap tall buildings and has superhuman strength and regularly kicks the butts of ninjas and monsters wreaking havoc on her town! She is Superhero Girl, named because she kinda waited too long to give herself a cool name and that one stuck. Such is her life.

Superhero Girl's "ordinary-ness" is what makes this book of comic strips fun. The drawings are well-done, and though the book of strips don't exactly pick-up one after the other, they are sequential and enough to give readers a clear picture of the struggles of being a superhero when you still have to be a productive citizen in the world.

Young adults and adults alike will enjoy the humor and sarcasm in this book. There is comical violence - duh, she's a superhero kicking ninja/monster butts and social drinking of alcohol, but it's appropriate since Superhero Girl and her friends are likely of age.

I'm a fan!

I won this book in the Sam Houston State University Library School HBRC 2013. Thanks, SHSU!

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