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The Burning (Spirit Warriors Bk 3) ~ Blog Tour*, Review, & Giveaway

The Burning
Spirit Warriors Book 3 
by D.E.L. Connor
Genre: YA / Fantasy / Coming of Age
Publisher: Booktrope Publishing
Date of Publication: September 21, 2015
# of pages: 357

In the third book of D.E.L. Connor’s magical coming of age Spirit Warriors series, Emmeline and her friends find themselves still reeling from the loss and pain caused by the evil spirit, machayiwiw- but the danger is far from over. As Emme, Charlie, Bets, Ollie, Jack and their beloved Spirit Animals prepare for the final battle against the machayiwiw, Emme struggles with a battle within her own heart. She longs for the beauty and softness she feels around Charlie, but she can’t deny the burning passion that consumes her with Jack. Will she finally let Charlie go and give her heart to Jack? Enthralling and passionate, Spirit Warriors brings the vibrant American West to life once again and whispers its ancient secrets of love and friendship.

Praise for the books:

"There is something special about a book/series when you feel like you've come home to family/friends in the first chapter. That is how I feel when I begin each new book in this series. I find I care more about each character as the series progresses." - Amazon Reviewer

"I have been a huge fan of this series. After the second book I wasn't exactly sure how this one would develop. Hands down it is the best book of the series so far." - Goodreads Reviewer

“The Concealing is one of the best books that I have read in a long time…You will fall head over heels in love with all of the characters and the plot as well in The Concealing.” – The Avid Reader

“I was glued to the book from the moment I began reading it and was sad when it ended, because it ended. I can very easily visualise this book as a film, the descriptions are detailed enough to make it a great opportunity for a film. Amazing.” -- Cookie Book Reviews

“A great young adult series along the formulaic values of the “Twilight” series. Also a wonderful book for adults who want to immerse themselves in a world full of youth and American Indian heritage.” -- Respect the Books

HALL WAYS REVIEW:  WOW.  This book covers A LOT of ground -  love/lust, hate/jealousy, birth/death, joy/grief, former life/after life, marriage/divorce. Adultery, alcoholism, addiction, abuse! Murder, mayhem, magic, and MORE! Seriously!

The amazing thing is that author D.E.L. Connor makes it work.  Though it would definitely be advantageous to have read the prior two books in the series to get a deeper understanding of the relationships and events that have shaped the characters, book three can stand alone and will hook the reader into reading book four, Spirit Warriors: The Lamenting, when it arrives on the scene. (Soon, I hope!)

With seventeen-year-old Emme as narrator, readers are taken through every imaginable scenario of teen angst (see list of nouns above). Emme is a complex character who does an amazing job of compartmentalizing her lives as both a regular teenager (who has chores and homework, gets grounded for staying out too late, deals with bullies, and is a student athlete) and a Spirit Warrior (who can join her soul with a bird's and fly, communicate with animals and spirits, and train to fight evil in its purist form.) And you thought you had a lot on your plate? Sometimes the teens' actions/reactions didn't seem authentic, but that could just be an adult reader's perspective.

This installment in the series builds tension steadily as Emme and her Spirit Warrior friends feel the ever-growing presence of the Machayiwiw and have premonitions of the impending battle with the evil spirit.  As the spirit world tensions are building, so are those of the corporeal world, as one of Emme's friends gets involved with an unstable and abusive boyfriend, and other students in the school are not who they seem.

Connor is an excellent writer, though the book does need a little more basic editing for some agreement and comma errors as well as some typos.  I would recommend this book for older YA readers, but readers need to be aware going in that there are some pretty heavy, adult issues in this book, as well as violence (not overly graphic). There is only mild swearing (no F-bombs), and no sex other than references to teenagers wanting it and an adultery incident.

Thank you to Lone Star Book Blog Tours for providing me an eBook in exchange for my honest review -- the only kind I give.

Enter to win: a signed copy of 
The Concealing, Book 1 of the Spirit Warriors Series, 
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Della Connor (D.E.L. Connor) was born in South Dakota and raised in Southeastern Montana where she acquired a keen appreciation for Western and Native American culture. She moved to Texas as a young adult and acquired her honorary Texan status. She became a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner and eventually earned her PhD in nursing. She still works as a nurse educator and as a nurse practitioner. Her nights and weekends, however, are filled with her stories and books. Her first book, Spirit Warriors:The Concealing, was published by Booktrope Publishing in November of 2014. The second book in the series Spirit Warriors: The Scarring published on July 21, 2014 and Spirit Warriors: The Burning rolled out on September 21, 2015.

The Spirit Warriors story evolved from a short story she wrote for a college English class in the early 1990s. The professor read it, loved it and asked her to stay after class and discuss it. During this discussion, he told her that a "dark" story like hers, which was written for older children, would be unmarketable and unsaleable. The story kept floating around in her mind. Finally, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyers and others stepped forward with amazing "dark" stories to create a new genre called Young Adult. The time was finally right for her book. She wrote book 1 in two weeks. It took another year and a half and about a 150 queries all with a "not interested" for her to find a publisher. 

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  1. Kristine,
    Thank you so much for your review of Spirit Warriors:The Burning. I am excited to have you read book 4, The Lamenting. I am hoping for a late February or early March release. :)
    D.E.L. Connor

    1. Awesome! I look forward to reading it and hope you'll think about LSLL to promote!