Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chompy and the Munchy Bunch, Volume 3

Beaule, N. (2017). Chompy and the Munchy Bunch, Volume 3: Spud's First Day Surprise. Self-published.

Children's / Illustrated / Adventure


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Book Blurb: What began as a way to keep her grandchildren entertained, has evolved into a series of exciting tales about Chompy, a carrot with superpower eyesight, and his pals . . . 

Salty's cousin Spud moves to Munchytown, but his first day in school gets off to a rough start! Spud runs away but soon discovers something special hidden deep inside the lonesome forest.

HALL WAYS REVIEW: Spud's First Day Surprise, the third book in the Chompy and the Munchy Bunch series, has familiar characters from the first two books and introduces a few new ones -- primarily, the insecure and sometimes awkward Spud.  Readers will immediately feel sympathy or empathy for poor Spud and then anger at the resident bully, Candybar. Author Nancy Beaule, accompanied by the expressive illustrations by Lauren Goldstein (also illustrator of book 2, Search for the Hidden Treasure), does an excellent job of evoking emotions out of readers. 

Also excellent are Beaule's descriptions. From lighthearted to embarrassed and frightening to safe, the moods of the characters and the tones of the settings are easily imagined.  Her use of figurative language and short sentences will keep young readers engaged.  Repeat readers may find a giggle (I did!) that Chompy the carrot eats carrot cake! (He's a cannibal! Ha!)

As with the prior books, the writing level is perfect for the intended audience (ages 4-8), and it will work well as a read-alone or read-aloud book. The parent in me isn't a fan of the word "butt" used several times, but kids will like it (especially if it's forbidden fruit for some). The Grammar Policewoman in me would definitely issue some tickets for some inconsistency and errors with punctuation, but it's likely readers won't notice them, and none will impact the enjoyment of the book. (But, oh happy day when a child notices a grammar rule broken!)

Colorful, fun, and funny, Chompy, Volume is a story I recommend for pure silly enjoyment. I look forward to the fourth book in the series, coming in the fall of 2017. Thank you to the author for providing me a free eBook in exchange for my honest opinion -- the only kind I give. 

Nancy's path toward becoming a children's book author was a bit different, having spent the last 30 years as an entrepreneur/inventor.  In 1996 she invented a product called the Pie Saver (foil rings that prevent pies from burning). Nancy loves creating, and that along with an interest in children's nutrition, led her to develop this series. The kids love the antics of Chompy and his pals, and parents appreciate the underlying nutritional message! Nancy has two children and three grandchildren and lives in Maine and Florida with her husband of 41 years.
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