Review Requests

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NOTICE: 12/28/18 - I am forever digging out of the hole of book review over-commitment, and I continue to over-commit for complimentary reviews. Is there a support group for this problem? With the exception of picture books, it is unlikely I will accept your book for review at this time. Any new books accepted at this time will likely be reviewed no earlier than March, 2019, and possibly quite later. That's the best I can guess right now. Your patience is appreciated.

ARE YOU A TEXAS AUTHOR OR IS YOUR BOOK SET-IN TEXAS? Please let me know that information in your query; I won't review your book here but you might be considered for Lone Star Literary Life.

==>DEAL BREAKERS: If your book has not been thoroughly and professionally edited, I very rarely will rate it any higher than 3 of 5 stars -- if I finish it at all. I cannot recommend people pay for a book that, at a minimum, is not cleanly edited. Seriously. 

If you would like a complimentary review your book on my blog, or if you would like me to host a book giveaway, participate in a blog tour/hop, or conduct an author interview, please read my review guidelines and complete the Contact Form, for which the link can be found on the bottom of the blog home page.

Inquiries: I try to respond to all inquiries within ten days of receiving them. However, if I have to do the work to find out the basics of your book, it will definitely take longer or won't happen. Give me info & links & dates, please! Please provide or direct me to an excerpt.
Books I Review: Children's, Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction. All books are accepted on a case-by-case basis -- how or by whom the book is published isn't important (but see "Deal Breakers" below).

Books I Do Not Review: New Adult (unless it's clean and not romance focused), Erotica, anything with extreme and/or gratuitous graphic sex, gore, or violence, most Romance (unless the romance is not the focus of the story).

About Non-Fiction: I accept non-fiction books on a case-by-case basis, but it's unlikely I will read a cookbook, gardening book, or craft book.

Book Formats: I accept audio books, print books (preferred), and eBooks in any format. (Vastly prefer gift codes for eBooks so that I can store the books somewhere else until I am ready to download to my device). I can only accept Kindle books if they are gifted through Amazon or sent as mobi files that will open in the Kindle app. 

Turn-Around Time: I do have a set review schedule, but turn-around time varies dependent upon prior commitments and the paying job.  I will always provide my review date estimate and try to stick to it, but life often puts me in my place when I try to plan it.

What to Expect: An honest review. If my review isn't going to be positive, I will contact you and discuss whether or not you still want my review posted. Typically, I post reviews to my blog (and link on my blog Facebook profile), Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, and will have a series of Tweets the day(s) of and following the blog post.  I am happy to work with authors if there are other places they'd like the reviews posted, and I hope authors will follow, like, share, reTweet, post, etc. to help me with my blog's publicity, too.

Other Info: Most print books I receive are donated, put in my Little Free Library for which I am a steward, or occasionally I host giveaways.