Review Requests

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NOTICE: 03/01/2020 I am, unfortunately, unable to accept any book review requests at this time. I hope, someday, to be able to read a book for pleasure again. 

ARE YOU A TEXAS AUTHOR OR IS YOUR BOOK SET-IN TEXAS? Please let me know that information in your query; I won't review your book here but you might be considered for Lone Star Literary Life.

==>DEAL BREAKERS: If your book has not been thoroughly and professionally edited, I very rarely will rate it any higher than 3 of 5 stars -- if I finish it at all. I cannot recommend people pay for a book that, at a minimum, is not cleanly edited. Seriously. 

If you would like a complimentary review your book on my blog, or if you would like me to host a book giveaway, participate in a blog tour/hop, or conduct an author interview, please read my review guidelines and complete the Contact Form, for which the link can be found on the bottom of the blog home page.

Inquiries: I try to respond to all inquiries within ten days of receiving them. However, if I have to do the work to find out the basics of your book, it will definitely take longer or won't happen. Give me info & links & dates, please! Please provide or direct me to an excerpt.
Books I Review: Children's, Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction. All books are accepted on a case-by-case basis -- how or by whom the book is published isn't important (but see "Deal Breakers" below).

Books I Do Not Review: New Adult (unless it's clean and not romance focused), Erotica, anything with extreme and/or gratuitous graphic sex, gore, or violence, most Romance (unless the romance is not the focus of the story).

About Non-Fiction: I accept non-fiction books on a case-by-case basis, but it's unlikely I will read a cookbook, gardening book, or craft book.

Book Formats: I accept audio books, print books (preferred), and eBooks in any format. (Vastly prefer gift codes for eBooks so that I can store the books somewhere else until I am ready to download to my device). I can only accept Kindle books if they are gifted through Amazon or sent as mobi files that will open in the Kindle app. 

Turn-Around Time: I do have a set review schedule, but turn-around time varies dependent upon prior commitments and the paying job.  I will always provide my review date estimate and try to stick to it, but life often puts me in my place when I try to plan it.

What to Expect: An honest review. If my review isn't going to be positive, I will contact you and discuss whether or not you still want my review posted. Typically, I post reviews to my blog (and link on my blog Facebook profile), Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, and will have a series of Tweets the day(s) of and following the blog post.  I am happy to work with authors if there are other places they'd like the reviews posted, and I hope authors will follow, like, share, reTweet, post, etc. to help me with my blog's publicity, too.

Other Info: Most print books I receive are donated, put in my Little Free Library for which I am a steward, or occasionally I host giveaways.