Friday, August 31, 2012


Lopez, D. (2012) Choke. NY: Scholastic.
YA Fiction / Realistic Fiction

QuickNEasey, 230 pages, ages 10-14

I gave this 3 out of 45 stars in Goodreads.

Important topic and message, especially since it hadn't occurred to me that people -- kids -- would play a game of choking each other until they pass out. Sometimes my blinders get the best of me and don't permit me to think such things happen in the real world. 

In any case, the story was good, but it really was written a bit too simply for the main character to be an eighth grader.  It is written for ages 8-12, so I guess it was spot-on for the writing level. . . and I suppose that readers in that range will think it's cool to have the main character be an eighth grader. There needs to be another version, bumped by a couple of years, so that teenagers are the audience.

The message is strong and clear about trusting your instincts, being yourself, honoring yourself and your friendships.  I liked, too, that consequences of bad decisions were shown and not sugar-coated.  Any girl struggling with wanting to belong to the popular crowd or just wanting to belong somewhere would benefit from reading this story.

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