Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anna Dressed in Blood

Blake, K. (2011). Anna Dressed in Blood. NY: Tor Teen.
YA Lit / Paranormal - Paranormal Romance?

Well, I made a mistake and didn't write-up this book quickly enough, and now I am stretching to remember how it ended.  Perhaps that's an indicator of the staying power of the book? Or just an indicator that I'm old and can't remember things. Or that I read a ton of books and this one didn't stand out??

What I know is that I enjoyed this book (I listened to this one thanks to AudioSync's summer of free downloads) and especially enjoyed finding out the real story about Anna.  That made her so much more interesting!  And Cas, the main character of the story has an interesting backstory as well, and apparently, current story that he's only beginning to realize is happening. 

You definitely have to suspend your disbelief that Anna could wipe-out the population she has killed over the years and the community mostly accepts it.  And *****SPOILER ALERT****** you have to believe that a popular high school kid can disappear and several teens witnessed his wicked death via Anna, and no one squeals, police don't hotly pursue, parents aren't squawking. ****** END OF SPOILER ******

I honestly can't remember how the book ended. . . clearly a sequel is coming, I know that much. And I remember being kind of dissatisfied with the ending.  I also was dissatisfied with the narrator of the audiobook.  His voice for the secondary main female character - whose name escapes me now - was BAD. Instead of sounding female, she sounded like a man trying to sound like a female Valley Girl with nearly a lisp. Not good.

It's got a good creepy factor going and might have been scary for me if I had been reading it instead of listening. Gonna give it a Goodreads 3 Stars as my memory doesn't recall me just LOVIN' this book. Liking it, yeah - what's not to like about ghosts and witches and VooDoo?? 

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