Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Carey, A. (2011). Eve. NY: Harper Collins
YA Fiction / Dystopian

I must start by addressing the cover.  Again, the female from the back, with beautiful flowing locks cascading down her back and something indistinct in the distance. Bleh.  Can't we start getting a little more creative, here?  This is about the zillionth book I've seen with this type of cover.  At a minimum, her hair should be all nasty and tangly and her clothes ripped and gross -- at least to be in keeping with the story.

The story. . .  as usual, I liked the premise because for the most part, I like the dystopian setting.  The world's a wreck (or is it just the USA?) and the people are rebuilding.  The survivors have lost their smart genes and follow leaders who want to tell them what to do, where to do it, and how often, with zero tolerance and death to those who defy the government. The few rebels don't roll that way.

I like the mind games and psychology that is used on the females in the society, and it did cause me to pause and think how gullible we are to blindly believing the people who lead us, especially in times of desperation.

In Eve, everything moves very quickly and in order to enjoy the story, the reader is required to frequently suspend the disbelief or allow for numerous not-too-realistic stretches.  I don't particularly like Eve. For being so smart and creative and the finest female specimen in all the kingdom, she does some pretty stupid things.  And there doesn't seem to be much remorse for the wake of death and destruction she leaves behind her.

It was an entertaining read and though the ending was good, it didn't seem overly plausible either.  I generally don't tell details of the stories, but I must here, so be warned:
Are we really supposed to believe that these two young adults, so deeply in love, are going to just wave good-bye to each other? That Eve will just watch Caleb gimp slowly down the hill and into the mist? That there's not even going to be a hug or kiss or promise? That Eve wouldn't go inside and at least bring him back a glass of stinkin' water?? Ugh, the drama just didn't work here for me. ***END SPOILER***END ***END SPOILER ***END SPOILER******END SPOILER***END SPOILER***END***

Here's a trailer from HarperTeen. (again, the gorgeous hair. yeah, I'm just jealous.)

This is part of a planned trilogy, with book two, Once, already released.Will give the nine chapters a shot and then decide if I'll continue.
Wow, what an original cover. Siigh.

UPDATE 9/18/12: Gotta say -- I just read the first 9 chapters of Once,  and I'm going to read the whole thing.  Eve's already being stupid, but I'm sucked-in to the story and want to know what happens.

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