Monday, May 11, 2015

Momma Don't You Worry

Lawent, L. (2015). Momma Don't You Worry. Canada: LadyBee Publishing.

Children's Book in Verse / Illustrated / Lesson

I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 Stars


A six year old boy thinks he's too old to hold his mother's hand when crossing streets or out on shopping trips and thinks his mom worries too much. But when the boy decides to make a quick trip away from his mom, he soon realizes that maybe he isn't such a big boy after all. 

In Momma Don't You Worry, Louie Lawent rhymes his way through a great lesson for kids about safety and following their parents' rules when out in public places. The rhyming is fun -- and often funny -- though the rhythm is a bit inconsistent, so it doesn't always flow smoothly. The colored-pencil style illustrations by Rick Radliff were adorable, and they really added to the story, which is told over just five pages. 

I would very much like to see the author make another pass through the text to clean-up a few issues that if corrected, could really take this to five-star level. Aside from the rhythm, other issues are that the cover says "Momma" and the story says "Mama," and in several instances, "Mom" is not properly capitalized, and there are punctuation errors which also affect the pace and flow of the rhymes.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend something that still needs editing, but the story teaches an important lesson and kids will absolutely love it as a read-along-with-a-grown-up story. Parents can use it as a springboard for conversations with their children about why they have rules, and I can see it as a perfect book to re-read to kids before running errands.

Thank you to the author who provided me an eBook copy in exchange for my honest review -- the only kind I give.


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