Saturday, May 16, 2015

If I Only Had Thumbs: Polly Pig's Story

Gabany, S. ( ). If I Only Had Thumbs: Polly Pig's Story. Paducah, KY: NoName Publishing.

Children's Picture Book / Rhyming / Problem Solving

I gave this book 5 of 5 stars

In If I Only Had Thumbs: Polly Pig's Story, Steve Gabany and illustrator Arlene Berry have teamed up again to give readers a fun, funny, and thoughtful story. This time it's Polly Pig and her son, Piglet, who are going to Camp Laz-About but must get cleaned-up before they can join the other pigs on the bus.  Unfortunately, the shower faucet isn't designed for hooves, and as Polly struggles to get the water turned-on, she begins to worry that the bus is going to leave without them! What can she do? 

Through rich, gorgeous illustrations and playful rhyming, readers will enjoy seeing how Polly's dilemma is resolved. As with Chickee Chicken's story, help comes from a surprising source -- one who just happens to have thumbs -- who teaches Polly that despite the limitations of her own body, solutions and friendships are to be found if she just asks for help.  

"A friend is a very good thing for us all,
They'll help when we need them; we just have to call."

What's really wonderful about this book is that it's loads of fun to read. Arlene Berry's spectacular mixed-media artwork provides a bright and stimulating canvas covered with adorable characters. Steve Gabany's rhymes have a wonderful cadence and rhythm that move the story along and are sure to provide plenty of giggles. This is guaranteed to be a book kids will want to read again and again. 

I highly recommend this book for young ones up to first or second grade and further recommend purchasing the print version for the best experience - the pages are best viewed in full spread, so two pages are viewed seamlessly, side-by-side.  

Thank you to the author for providing me an eBook copy in exchange for my honest review -- the only kind I give.
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