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Lucky Shot (The Montana Hamiltons #3) ~ ~ Blog Tour Promo* & Author Interview

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B.J. Daniels

He's determined to uncover the truth behind a decades-old disappearance—even if it kills him.

When hotshot reporter Max Malone gets a rare shot of Buckmaster Hamilton with a blonde woman near Beartooth, Montana, he chases down one of the senator's daughters to verify that the woman is his supposedly long-dead first wife. But Kat Hamilton won't give him the time of day, let alone any information about her mother.
With his tousled blond hair, sexy stubble and an old straw cowboy hat topping off his long, lean frame, Kat can just tell Max isn't used to female sources denying him anything. But when her own life is put in jeopardy, it's Max who comes to her rescue. Seems someone is prepared to kill to keep the past in the past. Kat can't deny she needs Max to find out what happened to her mother, but will getting closer and closer to each other lead them to the truth…or to danger?

Praise for B.J. Daniels

“Daniels has succeeded in joining the ranks of mystery masters.” 
Fresh Fiction

“Daniels is truly an expert at Western romantic suspense.”
RT Book Reviews on Atonement

“Fans of Western romantic suspense will relish Daniels’s tale of clandestine love played out in a small town on the Great Plains.” —Booklist on Unforgiven

“Romantic suspense that will keep readers guessing. If you like Longmire, this is the book for you.” —RT Book Reviews on Forsaken


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1.    Did you always want to be a writer?
BJ: Always, even before I admitted it. I thought everyone made up stories in their heads all the time. When I found out they didn’t, I was shocked. So I think I was always destined to be a writer. What else do you do with the stories in your head?
2.    What were some of your favorite childhood stories/books?
BJ: Trixie Belden. I loved those mysteries.
3.    Cowboys and romance go together so perfectly.  What is it about cowboys?
BJ: When you’re raised in Montana of course an outdoor man wearing Wranglers is going to be your idea of a hero. They’re strong, capable, close to the land, the kind of man who you can depend on when trapped in cabin in a blizzard or on a runaway horse. J
4.    Who would you say is your biggest influence in your writing?
BJ: Early on, my father. He encouraged me to be whatever I wanted. Also he was a storyteller, along with the rest of the Johnson family who tended to embellish. My Uncle Jack used to say, “If you’re going to tell a story, make it good or don’t bother.”
More recently, my husband Parker. He makes amazing meals for me while I chase my dream
5.    What has been your favorite part about being an author?
BJ: Telling the stories. Nothing gets me more excited than when a story starts falling into place. I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer so I never know what is going to happen. I love being surprised. If I knew what was going to happen in a book or a series, I’d feel like I’d already read it and would lose interest. Instead, I can’t wait to find out the characters’ secrets just like my readers.
6.    What advice would you give to your 12-year-old self?
BJ: Keep believing anything is possible. I had no idea how hard it is to get published, let alone to make a living writing. Fortunately, I went in not knowing anything about the business and it’s worked out. J
7.    If you could time travel, where would you go first?
BJ: Back into the gold rush era of Montana. I would love to see towns like Butte and Helena back when Montana was young.
8.    What was the last book that was recommended to you?
BJ: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. It made me laugh out loud, but was a great love story about how we think we know what we want in a lover/partner. But when we fall in love, we get something completely different but better. 
9.    What is your writing process like? Do you have any interesting writing rituals?
BJ: I write everyday. It keeps me in the story. I also treat it like a job. I go to work at 9 a.m., go home for lunch and go back until about 4 p.m. When I reach my office, I pour myself a Coke Zero. That’s the signal that it’s time to go to work. J
10.  Montana is such a sweepingly beautiful setting for your stories, it almost serves as a character (as does Texas in your other series).  What do you think it is about Montana and the American West that is so connected to the human psyche?
BJ: Montana really is a character in my books because it is still wild out here. There are bears that will eat you, rivers that will swallow you, blizzards that will kill you. It tests you. There are so few wild places left. Where I live you don’t have to go but a few miles out of town and you can drive on a dirt road all day and not see another person. If your vehicle breaks down, you might have to walk forty miles to get help. It is big country that makes you realize how small your role is in the grand scheme of things.
11.  What is on the horizon for you in 2016?
BJ: I’m very excited about 2016. The last three books in my series, Montana Hamiltons, will be out March, July and November. The series has an over-arcing mystery with one of the secondary characters. We finally get to find out what happens with that character.
I’ll also be starting a new 6-book series called Gilt Edge (out in 2017-18), about a Montana ranching family who live with missile silos all around them and a whole new set of threats to their lives and loves.
I will also have another Cardwell Ranch book out in January 2016. So a big year.

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author B.J. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and three springer spaniels, Spot, Jem and Ace. When she isn’t writing, she quilts, snowboards, camps, boats and plays tennis.

Write to B.J. Daniels at PO Box 1173, Malta, MT 59538
Email her at

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