Thursday, November 12, 2015

Travelling Seeds

Bielawski, R. (2014). Travelling Seeds: Book 3 Mummy Nature. Self published.

Children's / Picture Book / Informational / Nature

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars
In Travelling** Seeds, the third book in the Mummy Nature Series, readers will follow the precious and precocious narrator as she observes and explains the path of a pear seed, starting with the pear hanging on a tree. Readers may be surprised by what happens to the pear seed, and its likely there will be a few giggles and wrinkled noses at the mention and illustrations of poop in the process. 

The rhyming format mostly works well, though sometimes it flows better than others. The vocabulary is simple, but there is some random punctuation (likely to keep the rhyme flow) and some random capitalization. There is more white space on pages than in the prior book, Bees Like Flowers, but the bright, beautiful illustrations will keep readers engaged and smiling.  

As with the prior books in the series, author Rebecca Bielawksi includes a supplemental section at the end and in this book, it tells of a few other ways that seeds travel. The book will work with very young children as a read-aloud or read along, but the book may be a little text heavy in the second half for newly independent readers to read alone.

Thank you to author for providing me an eBook copy in exchange for my honest review -- the only kind I give.

**UK spelling

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Once upon a time in England there was a Kiwi girl. She was unsatisfied with her job peeling onions at a factory in Norfolk and yearned for a better life were she could harness her untapped artistic potential and unleash all her pent up rhymes. One day when she realized she had no tears left to cry for the onions she packed up and moved to Spain, fell in love with a handsome Systems Administrator, had two kids, became a children's author and lived happily ever after.  
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