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Peace With Bees: Silly Elephant, Volume 2

Poduri, N. (2016). Peace With Bees: Silly Elephant, Volume 2. Jetpops.

Children's Picture Book / Teachable Moments

I gave this book 5 of 5 stars

Summary:  After Barney swipes Ephan's honey, Ephan then steals honey from the bees despite his friend Sid’s reservations. Little did Ephan know about the consequences of stealing. Peace with Bees is a story that teaches children about compassion and respecting the boundaries of others.

HALL WAYS REVIEW: What a wonderful story and message for readers in this second installment of the Silly Elephant series by Nadh Poduri. Of course, the illustrations are fabulous and manage to convey plenty of expression and emotion to go along with the various scenes in the story.  

The story -- I adore Ephan the elephant, and this time readers find out that Ephan loves honey. "Love" almost doesn't seem like a strong enough word for how Ephan feels, and his not being content with having just a little honey is what gets him into some trouble. The story teaches morals and consequences without being heavy-handed, and it has a nice little summary check-list at the end to help young readers recall Ephan's adventure.

The story is well written and cleanly edited, and inquisitive minds (young and old) are likely to want to learn more about bees and the honey-making process after reading this story. For example, after reading the story, I wondered if a particular bee colony would actually accept or integrate into a comb where the honey wasn't their own. Any book that inspires research and learning always gets kudos from me. 

I recommend this book for children ages four to seven. As always, I recommend an adult read along with the child to reinforce the content and answer questions that might arise.

Thank you to the author for providing and eBook copy to me in exchange for my honest opinion -- the only kind I give. It was a pleasure to read, and I look forward to the next Ephan story!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nadh Poduri grew up in a southern part of India. He is a programmer, loves to develop games for kids. While he was growing up in India, he used to visit elephant national park to study about elephants. His fascination towards elephants drove him to write his first picture book 'Silly Elephant. Nadh lives with his wife and two kids in San Francisco. 

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