Sunday, February 19, 2012


Madow, M. (2011). Vengeance. Chesapeake, VA: Dreamscape Publishing.
YA Lit / Fiction / Fantasy

RANDOM side note. . . it really bugs me that the model's nostril is squished on this cover.

At just fifty pages (and nearly 12 cents/page!), this is a very quick bridge story between Madow's Remembrance and the final installment of the Transcend Time Series, Timeless

This story changes perspectives from Remembrance and is told from Chelsea's viewpoint, as the best friend scorned.  It is centered around a major event that significantly changes the course of the story for the final book.

Though the writing is pretty fluffy, it's entertaining (and VERY high school drama-ish) and definitely sets the stage and piques interest for how this could all turn-out. The stakes are high because unbeknownst to the players, someone could die as the result of the past lives and the current lives intertwining.

After having Michelle Madow come to my school and talk to the kids, I'm interested in keeping up with this YOUNG, young adult author, who definitely connects with teens and is driven to make it as an author.

Michelle Madow signing my copy of Remembrance

Michelle talks to students at Colleyville Heritage High School - their Valentine's Day present!

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