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Paranormal Texas ~ Lone Star Book Blog Tours Review & Giveaway

Your Travel Guide
to Haunted Places
Near Dallas & Fort Worth

  Genre: Travel / Haunted Places / Texas History
Publisher: Castle Azle Press
Date of Publication: September 19, 2019
Number of Pages: 210 with 100+ black & white images

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More Haunted Places and True Ghost Stories!
Tui Snider's popular travel guide to haunted places in North Texas is back with a fully updated 2nd Edition featuring more haunted places and true ghost stories!

What's new in Paranormal Texas, 2nd Edition?
Just like the original travel guide, Paranormal Texas 2nd Edition gives readers haunted history and directions to sites where paranormal activity is reported in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex.

The 2nd edition now includes:
• Photos: Readers asked for photos of haunted places. Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition has over 50 photos of haunted towns, haunted hotels, and more.
• Ghost hunting tips: Tui Snider explains what she has learned since she began attending paranormal investigations with Texas ghost hunters.
• More haunted places: Several new venues (including a haunted doll museum!) with fascinating haunted history were added to Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition.
• Firsthand accounts: Readers asked for more true ghost stories and hauntings. (She even shares personal experiences with paranormal activity, including a strange encounter with her doppelganger at a haunted hotel!)

All the above, PLUS a paranormal activity evidence database:
See the paranormal activity for yourself: Readers can access an online database with links to EVPs, ghost photos, videos, and other evidence gathered by paranormal investigators who have visited the haunted sites in her book.
Continually updated: This database will be continually updated with EVPs, anomalous photos, videos, and other data gathered at haunted places featured in Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition.
Add your paranormal activity: Readers can contact the author if they have paranormal evidence to add!

Is Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition for YOU?
1. Ghost Hunters - If you want to plan a fun road trip to haunted places (with or without ghost hunting equipment) Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition can help.

2. Armchair Travelers - If you prefer reading about haunted history, Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition can take you on an exciting armchair tour through haunted towns of North Texas.

"Tui's 2nd edition is spot on fun and thrilling for everyone 
to read as only Tui can tell it!"  
- Greg Stephens, Paranormal Investigator (RIP)

The Tragic Truth about Smiley's Grave at Mills Cemetery in Garland, Texas

HALL WAYS REVIEW: What a breath of fresh air it is to read Paranormal Texas: Your Travel Guide to HAUNTED PLACES near Dallas & Fort Worth, 2nd Edition. From the book’s subject matter to its author’s style of writing, Paranormal Texas is a fun and informative step outside the box from any travel guide I’ve read before.

“If there’s one thing I learned while researching places to include in Paranormal Texas, it’s that where there’s history, there will be hauntings!”

Author Tui Snider’s guide takes readers to twenty-five cities in and around Dallas-Fort Worth and shares the histories of the places within each town in order to set the stage for why any of them might be or are haunted. Snider even pulls in some urban myths popular to some areas to further entertain and amuse readers.  The author has personal experiences in many of the places mentioned in the book, which again puts it into a different category of travel guide.  Oh, and there are the ghost stories!

Snider’s writing style is informal and feels like reading a series of letters from a girlfriend. She’s not trying to convince anyone of anything; rather, Snider encourages readers to explore, experience, and draw their own conclusions. Readers can even take things to the next level by the opportunities for interaction on Snider’s Paranormal Texas Evidence Database, a bare-bones work-in-progress for examples of paranormal evidence to be shared. (I went down that rabbit hole. FASCINATING!)  

I was amazed at how much local history I learned despite having lived most of my fifty plus years in the DFW area. How had I missed the haunted bookstores and libraries? And the horrifying mass lynchings of 1862 in Gainesville? Had no idea. Of course, I have to let Tui know about another haunted location in Fort Worth that needs exploring -- the Fort Worth Club Hotel -- and I can connect her to a person with the first-hand experience. No FOAF (friend-of-a-friend) account here.

Whether you are a non-believer, a paranormal skeptic, or all-in, Paranormal Texas is a book that has much to offer anyone interested in seeing Texas from an off-beat angle. There is no doubt in my mind that if I were to visit every town and every place in the book, that even if I never experienced a single cold chill or saw a single floating orb, I’d have a blast because these places are what help define Texas, historical warts and all.

Thank you to Lone Star Book Blog Tours and the author for providing a handy print copy to take along on my adventures in exchange for my honest opinion – the only kind I give. 

Tui Snider is an award-winning writer, speaker, photographer, and musician specializing in offbeat sites, overlooked history, cemetery symbolism, and haunted lore. As she puts it, “I used to write fiction, but then I moved to Texas!”

Tui lectures frequently at universities, libraries, conferences, and bookstores.This fall, she will speak about the Great Airship Mystery of 1897 at this year’s UFO Congress and teach a course on Understanding Cemetery Symbols at Texas Christian University. She also shares weekly info-videos based on her research at her YouTube channel.

Snider’s writing and photography have been featured in a variety of media outlets, including WFAA TV, Coast to Coast AM, LifeHack, Langdon Review, the City of Plano, Wild Woman Waking, Shades of Angels and many more. She has several more books in progress.

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  1. Hey Kristine! Thank you for reviewing my book! Researching haunted places is such a fun way to learn history, isn't it? Hope you get to explore some of those paranormal hot spots sometime soon! :)

  2. It was truly a pleasure! It's a great reminder of how much there is to see/do right in my own back yard!