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The Firebrand Legacy


Kiser, T.K. (2015). The Firebrand Legacy:The Manakor Chronicles Book #1. Saint Pancratius Press. 

Middle Grade / Sci-Fi / Fantasy

I give this book 5 out of 5 Stars

BOOK BLURB (from website): Ever since the ash dragon Kavariel killed her sister, fourteen-year-old Carine has hated dragons and the magic they bring.

Every year she endures the Festival when the dragon delivers his flame to the capital city of Esten. The dragon's flame is powerful. It kills, but it also provides magic that keeps the Heartless Ones at bay.

Until this year, when the dragon doesn't come.

Instead, a Heartless One enters Esten and threatens the safety of Carine's family and beloved city. Forced to leave her parents behind, she joins forces with two princes and sets off on a death-defying journey to save all she holds dear.

But when restoring her home means confronting the magic and dragons she has come to hate, and when unraveled secrets threaten to destroy the world she is trying to save, Carine's only hope is her enemy . . .

Hall Ways Review:
Readers will be THRILLED with author T.K. Kiser's arrival on the middle grade book scene. The Firebrand Legacy: Manakor Chronicles, #1 provides page upon page of action and adventure, making it hard to put aside.  Main character Carine is authentic with believable emotions and reasons for feeling them. What makes Carine great is that she's not perfect, and her imperfections make her even more endearing. Carine shows readers that sometimes, it's necessary to step back from a belief system and be brave enough to re-evaluate it

"She was torn between wanting safety from magic 
and wanting comfort in the beliefs she'd always held."

As Kiser leads readers through a story filled with magic and fantasy (and dragons!!), she does a great job of showing that good and evil are not always well-defined and that there is a lot of gray area between the two.  There are plenty of subtle lessons on friendship, faith, acceptance, and sacrifice and plenty of memorable scenes, creatures, and characters.  And as a bonus, the underlying message of the power of language is always a good element to have in writing for a young audience. 

The writing is truly outstanding, and the book is thoroughly edited (thank you!). The pace moves quickly and as if the unfolding story isn't satisfying enough, with just one sentence in the conclusion, Kiser plants a seed that readers will look forward to see growing in The Manakor Chronicles, Book #2.  

There is no sexual content of any kind, no offensive language, and violence is in no way explicit. Given the main character's age and the clean content, I highly recommend it to readers ages 10-14 and anyone who enjoys stories about magic and fantasy (and DRAGONS!).

Thank you to the author for providing me an eBook in exchange for my honest review -- the only kind I give. 

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: T.K. Kiser writes young adult fantasy adventure fiction in Greenville, South Carolina. She loves stories about quests, battles, and good’s triumph over evil because they reveal things about real life. When she isn’t writing, she’s supposed to be writing, but instead procrastinates by bothering her husband and cooking allergy-free food. Her first novel, The Firebrand Legacy, was published on December 8, 2015. Author Links: 


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