Book List

Here are all the books read, rated, and/or discussed on this site. Some are just plot elements, some are summaries, some are just my thoughts about the books or just their cover art.  (NOTE: LS5360 [children's literature] and LS5380 [young adult literature] are class designations from my grad school days, for those who are interested.)

You can click the title of any book and go to the related blog or Goodreads page.  

Blankets (LS5385) 
Blood and Remembrance
Blood Oath (Sawbones 2)
Blood Wounds 
The Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon 
Death on Paradise Creek 
Death Under a Full Moon
Esperanza Rising (LS5360)
Fables (LS5360)
It Gets Better (LS5385) 
Mockingjay (LS5385)